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11:05 a.m. - December 20, 2002
On plants and music and weather and what the hell kind of entry is this, anyways?
Am working on the book today, the only distractions allowed are periodic eye-strain breaks when I look away from the monitor and watch the clouds, grey-black-white and faint blue above. Rather powerful series of storms this past week and last night's thunder and lightning was the perfect backdrop to a fireplace and a mesmerizing book. The last storm began early this morning, around 3 and I got up to have hot chocolate and toast, hesitant to boot up the computer for fear of the surges. I sketched a few poems and it has been a while since I've written, maybe because I've been distracted, too focused on the book, or simply haven't been willing to settle down and craft my emotions into words. Like most things that happen in the morning, writing was a good exercise. If I was more disciplined I would schedule time for Hey now, none of these thoughts allowed. I am not flawed simply because I can't do everything simultaneously; sleep is allowed and so is doing nothing at all.

Have to remember that.

The shrub/plant/bush/whatever, the one I think is a yellow daisy snowball and planted in the big terra-cotta container outside my window seems in bad shape, but I'm not sure if it's a natural dormancy period or if it's withering away. The flowers are gone and it looks dispirited and worn out, and I can see the plain brown stems and boughs more clearly than the leaves. I'd be unhappy if the plant dies; looking out it's always cheered me up, even at night when the moon catches on the plant and especially wet, when its scent reminds me of something positive, though I'm not sure what exactly.

Eh. Why blather about plants?

Listening to Warbeck and Nyman, my favorite classical pieces, a few arias in the mix. This morning's Jason-at-work selection: Moonlight Sonata (guitar), Greensleeves (Manheim Steamroller), Hunting (Warbeck), Princess (Nyman), Love Story (Mancini), Feather (Williams), Finale (Nyman), Melody and Barn (Jarre), The Departure (Nyman), The End (Warbeck), Flower Duet (Lakme), Un bel di (Puccini, Maria Callas), Brandenberg Allegro (Bach), Jesu, Joy of man's desiring (cello-harpsichord), Duetto Sul'ario (don't know who does this one), Dance of the Slyphs (Berlioz), Water Music (Handel), Concerto for Trumpet & Flute (Hyden), Elvira Madigan, in C (Mozart), Concerto No. 1 in D (violin, Paganini), Concerto in A (guitar, Vivaldi), The Swan (Saint-Saens), Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov). Volume low so it's comforting, not distracting. Some day I will play an instrument.

Heh. But not today because I have shit to do!


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