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11:46 p.m. - December 23, 2002
It wasn't like the song but not unlike it either
There's an old song they play on the LiteFM dial about a man and a woman running into each other at the grocery store, former lovers and how he touches her on the elbow and they are initially awkward, then grab some beer and sit in a car talking, then crying, she's married an architect and the guy, well he's just singing the song.

Well, that nearly happened to me tonight. Ran, literally, into Dana at the grocery store, our carts bumping and we both said Oh, I'm sorry at the same time before realizing who was who. And of course, my sister, the reason why I was at Safeway at 10:30 at night, ambled over and they hugged and hugged and chatted and I stood there thinking, Uh, I need a hole. And then my sister, just like the movies, announced she was going to get an item and left us alone. God, she is as beautiful as ever, I have to admit, and let me tell you, I rue my hair.

We caught up a bit, said we're doing well, she's enjoying law school, living with her brother and his girlfriend, I'm, well you know. I smiled and said the book was done (Lie 1) and was teaching (Lie 2) [and why did I lie? I surprised myself each time and she probably thought I've developed a tic the way I tried to look at my own face, incredulous, wanting to say You said what?], perhaps in an attempt to say Hey, I'm doing well.

Did I say she was more beautiful than ever?

She said email her, I said sure; that's that. She looked happy; I'm glad.

Good night.


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