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8:21 p.m. - January 02, 2003
If I write \"moist\" \"hot\" and \"chicken\" in the same sentence, what is the likelihood someone will search Google for that phrase, seeking something completely different?
I'm proud of myself tonight in a silly way. Lo! discounting self right there. Pernicious. I prepared chicken and peas and both came out well, and I don't mean unburnt; I mean Damn! Well! and I have lunch tomorrow on a plate covered in Saran Wrap and I'm tempted to check the refrigerator to gaze at my work. Now I have spaghetti and chicken under my belt - hmm, literally and figuratively, eh? - and I'm feeling rather accomplished. Don't call me gourmand or even-close-to-knowing-what-he's-doing but this is not a bad experience, the only mar on the event realizing I had no A-1 for my chicken.

Feeling proud. Heh. Can you tell?

And it was easier than I anticipated, too!

I feel social. This is good.


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