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10:54 p.m. - February 25, 2004
I don't think there's anything wrong with recycling an image. It's been my favorite all this time.

A woman approached me at the BART station, asked Aren't you cold? and in my thin (button-down) dark blue shirt in 45 degree weather, her question didn't register and when it did, I only said If I were, I'd have a coat. I've thought about this off and on today, debating whether this encounter serves as an exemplar of how I interact with people. It does. Monday's group therapy: I accused the therapists of indulging in clinical voyeurism and to back off. I surprised myself, them.

After classes today I went to Berkeley to buy books but bought nothing; I walked halfway to Telegraph then turned around and went home.

Going to Boston tomorrow. Sent an email to Dana saying I'll be in town and we're going to meet for coffee on Sunday. I am apprehensive, curious. The Boston training segues into a busy Spring. I will miss the daffodils this year other than the lone, forlorn bulb that opened yesterday.


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