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9:32 a.m. - March 04, 2004
Jason's a whore, repeat 1000x
Who said I was ugly? Maybe not pretty-boy enough for Chris but when I hopped on I had options and it felt good to say no, he's not right, no, he's too old, no, he's too ___ before settling in on one and heading to his house. I could become used to this amoral intimacy reduced to biological meaningless. Yeah, who cares about Ryan II - it's all about the here and now, isn't that the anthem the gay choir sings? So I go over to this guy's house and while shy and not knowing just what to do, how to do, we talked and he played the piano for me and I wanted it. We go to his couch and I said no kissing and settled in when he takes off his pants and underwear - folks, I admit it: I am a size queen and this guy did not pass muster. Erect, he couldn't cross a finish line before his nose. Yeah, no thanks. He began giving me head and out of the blue he says it's been a while because his wife doesn't know. Wife?

Things ended abruptly.

How or why is it guys with the dinkiest dings aren't... self-conscious about it and here I am, non-dinky (relatively speaking) and self-conscious about everything?

So I went from dude's house to Ryan II's house like the good whore I am and offered non-sloppy seconds. I like them big and juicy and that's all I feel like saying right now.


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