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9:00 p.m. - March 06, 2004
I'm honored, I truly am, but not interested
Ryan II is here watching the Amityville movies - remember those? 80s, I think, and creepy in the old-fashioned, pre-Freddy Kruger gore that's just right for candles and curling up with a blanket. I crave popcorn or a Three Musketeers bar but were I driving to the store Iíd be preoccupied with thinking there was a hand slowly creeping up from behind.

I am feeling much better. It is a relief.

Worked today at a conference and derived sufficient ego boost.

Also worked today on materials for the Dallas trip next weekend.

Received letter today from some kind of society at my alma mater, informing me that I am qualified for induction as a Fellow but Iím not sure what that means other than breakfast with the University president on March 24. Yeah, I donít think theyíll miss me.


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