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7:51 p.m. - March 14, 2004
Spank me?
Home after a weekend during which nothing quite went as planned from the get go, when the first attendee entered the room - last year's one-night stand. Not good for equilibrium. Things were awkward until we went to dinner. There wasnít an encore performance.

Check my messages and thereís one from Ryan I (want to hook up sometime?), Courtney (friends tell each other when theyíre out of town!), and then the mystery one: The sound of an ass being spanked.

Yes, thatís right. Thought perhaps itís Joel because I didnít hang out with him this weekend, though I canít conceive of him doing something like that. Your guess is as good as mine.

Ryan II picked me up and I was glad to see him.

Home for a few days; leave for Virginia on Thursday.


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