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8:40 a.m. - March 30, 2004
John Kerry was in San Francisco last night and pulled in 2.3 million dollars, a move the media trumpets as a sign Democrats have finally jumped into the money game and are catching up with Bush & Co. I was amused to see Kerry pledging a fifty billion dollar fund to help states that need money - can we say pandering to California? But Kerry, if you've got it, I'm sure this state will take it - and wonder, has anybody added up Kerry's campaign promises? Where does this money come from? Health care, rainy-day funds for states, improve everything, keep jobs here rather than being off-shored. I've always enjoyed campaigns, find it exciting to see how silly or how common sense takes a back seat in the push to garner supporters. I am disinclined to vote for Kerry in equal proportion to voting for Bush at this point. Amusing times ahead.


Feeling irksome this morning. Ryan II is running late and this has annoyed me; when you say you're coming over for breakfast, mean breakfast and not brunch. I am too hard on him; I feel guilty being around him because I'm not drawn to him, I don't think of him non-stop, yet would miss him were we no longer dating. I am jaded; that, or like every other gay guy out there, seeking the right one and taking what I can get today.


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