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10:59 a.m. - April 01, 2004
Four plumber's estimates. Two driveway replacement estimates.

The cheapest is $11,432.10. New plumbing, new driveway.

Kill me now.

On phone with my insurer. I feel like I just got fist-fucked: The plumbing is exterior and is thus considered normal wear-and-tear. Pay out of pocket or go ahead and do the insurance route, but premiums would go up $384.00 per month for the next 3 years.

I am not made of money, folks. Do you know how hard it is to spend my savings? I am freaking out. I think I'm going to cry. HOly shit. I am. Ah, calm down. Not the end of the world. Repeat 10,000 times. No, repeat 11,432.10 times.


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