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8:46 p.m. - April 01, 2004
I tasted my own cum to the beat of Blondie
Scratch the earlier entry about eating one's cum. Tonight Ryan II came over with salad, a Mexican dinner, and candles. Explained the prognosis: Driveway goes bye-bye, new pipes and new cement go in, the final cost ($10,203.00) - and in the earnest puppy-dog way that is Ryan II he said he'd lend me some if I needed, or would co-sign on a loan application. Just his saying that made me feel great, though the money is covered (grudgingly so).

All this to say I gave Ryan II one hell of a great blowjob - no fucking tonight because you know, the toilet thing - and he jacked me off. When I came I tried a little bit. A very very very little bit. Whoa - I'm blushing like a whore caught douching after a trick in her grandmother's bed. The first taste there wasn't any - so I scooped a bit more and tasted it. I ate my own jizz. I could become a fan with further opportunities, kind of like developing a taste for wine by hitting the tasting tables on a winery tour. It wasn't salty but more sweet (does this mean anything? Am I diabetic?) so Iím now wondering if thereís some sort of reaction between someone elseís cum and my mouth, as if my saliva reacts with cum and induces a salty flavor. Specís jizz was bitter, Ryan IIís cum is salty, mine is sweet. Oh, the things Iím learning. My mom would be so proud.

Uh, check that Ė my mom probably would be proud, the rainbow-flag-waving lesbian that she is.

I gave up Survivor so I could nurse on Ryan II and make him happy. What is it with 21 year olds who cum and then become drowsy but donít want you to stop? Thereís no fun giving head to a guy whose eyes are closed; I like that intimate act of being observed and appreciated.

Wasnít so difficult to admit the cum-tasting. This surprises me.


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