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6:36 a.m. - April 16, 2004
Diaryland's ombudsman needs a refresher on business models: One does not delete gold accounts after having received payment, especially not two or three days beyond the transaction date. A minor inconvenience unless I learn all my images and miscellaneous bits o'bytes cannot be restored.

Is Andrew still master of the reins? Aside from sending an oops-did-you-realize email, I'll have to sit tight. That, and think more about moving to my own domain.


I realize I struggle to say no to people - men only? Dinner with Ryan II became dinner, a movie (what else?), a sleepover. I didn't mind having a warm body next to mine during the night and I note I like him best when he sleeps and I'm watching. Last night we meandered around the topic of Jason + Relationships, how I prevent the opportunity to take dating further, how I shut him off, how I don't communicate. Times like this my tongue is stone and I can only look at him through glaucoma eyes. I can't give him what he wants, or be who he wants me to be: How can I trust someone else when I don't even trust myself?


Yesterday afternoon I mentioned to a colleague that I am gay and am dating a man. The coming out process begins.


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