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9:50 p.m. - April 24, 2004
Met today with Barbara-the-Editor and the crew in a high-yield tete-a-tete [insert all necessary accents] and discussed colors, the web site and plans for Books III and IV.

After, I went out to dinner with Marti in Washington, D.C. and before stopping to eat had myself a D.C.-by-early-evening tour. The next time I leave home, remind me to bring my digital camera. At dinner we had an entire bottle of wine.

I feel so grown up.

Tomorrow I'm visiting my mother and her partner for lunch. Wish me patience and hearty love as I will undoubtedly be shown the fruits of her last three or four cruises. My brain shudders in anticipation.

I've been fantasizing about the sailor next to whom I sat on the flight to Chicago. Three hours, thirty-six minutes of in-flight time with a man that made my heart pound. If there were more leg room, I would have been on my knees and servicing what must, if my fantasy is to hold any sort of pleasure for me, be something ferocious, swarthy, and commanding. I did not want to seem a philistine and inquire into why he was wearing a black uniform - anybody know? For most of the flight I was lost in my thoughts when not listening to him talk about Navy life and his constant jonesing for a smoke, and I am not more than ever convinced I am meant to live down South. That, or hit up navy bases.

I am horny and my friend here requires some alone time. Have a great day tomorrow and thanks for the good wishes.


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