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8:43 a.m. - June 06, 2004
In which writing something is not beneficial to one's generalized apathy towards writing
Unaware of sunburn prior to adjusting the shower flow directly into my face. My screech woke Ryan II and he joined me - yes, I've progressed to taking showers with those I exchange bodily fluids with - and let it be noted that later in church should the lights go out, my face will likely illuminate my own path.

Yesterday: Worked in the backyard, then watched Ryan I play a baseball game. And little ol' slut me went to a movie with Ryan II later.

Did I mention that I also fucked Ryan II? While I don't sport the longest appendage it is decidedly thicker than most and as Ryan II says, it's an ass-stretcher. Whew. For a while I worried I was unaccomplished. For the record, I didn't enjoy it much.

Going to church in a few minutes where one part of the gay-pair, who is now single I overheard him say to another, sits directly behind me and has a beautiful voice.


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