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11:25 p.m. - June 15, 2004
I am in Kentucky. Tempted to keep driving but eventually would end up in California. I much prefer to dawdle.

Stilted. Take II.

I feel free and listen to talk-radio or NPR and stopped for lunch at a diner and had a real root beer float. I'm going to Lincoln's birthplace tomorrow because I saw a sign and why not? I love the accents and driving with the windows down. I pulled over on the side of a road and did the unthinkable: I pissed in semi-public and was proud of myself for being daring on a deserted road in daylight. The people here are less friendly than those in West Virginia and I feel right at home, as much as one can while passing through on a mini-escape. The one flaw to this jaunt was seeking a lodging with internet access.

I do feel a slight twinge of sadness. Been thinking of Spec (surprisingly) and the summer we spent exploring the Carolinas. I haven't changed much after all.

I am drawn to sadomasochistic relationships. I find that difficult to admit. One day I will not fear solitude and that day I will be my own friend rather than an enemy.


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