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8:38 a.m. - June 24, 2004
When people go away after a year, two years, even three, they should say something to acknowledge the passing with solemnity or cheer, a casual head's up. Some of my favorite writers have disappeared without a word and perhaps it's better this way for them, but it's not what I'd like for myself. A misplaced response given these are journals intended to be private but shared with the public, though I wonder how misplaced that response is if I've been keeping up with particular writers for years. Unplugged!


Long day ahead; catching the train into the city for an all-day, surely-to-be-contentious-HRC-board-meeting. I may feel uncomfortable in those environs but damn it, I can play the part of a professional and smile and look wholly at ease. Well maybe not wholly... partially though. When the drag queens say I'm cute I never know what to say back. I don't think they'll be dressed up today though, but since the SF pride bacchanalia begins this weekend, who knows. Will that mean they won't think I'm cute? Hmm.

Have a good one.


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