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1:27 p.m. - July 11, 2004
Neither a wishlist nor complaintlist; someting inbetween
Things I'd like:

wear a tank top in public

to run - and complete - a marathon

to do the breast cancer walk from San Jose to San Francisco

lean my cheek against one of the stones at Macchu Pichu

swing on a swingset and lean back as far as I can

to go swimming again

to feel handsome. To feel attractive to myself. to others

to open my eyes while kissing and have his eyes open, too

to say I love you and mean it, understand what it means

not be afraid of people who want to know me

wear shorts in public

to own a pair of sunglasses

to garden well, grow beautiful things

have a reason to get up in the morning

be at peace with myself

to not fear being alone but embrace it, own it, relish it

go back to school and not worry about being the top student

open up to more people

to walk with purpose

I want too much.


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