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3:42 p.m. - August 28, 2004
Anna Karenina
The responsible action would have been to go to the workshop and gathered up my .7 CEUs, bringing me closer to the requirement of 4.55 by December 31, 2004. Responsible, yes, but I couldn't bear the thought of seven hours cooped up with beginning students to learn how to fingerspell properly. The alarm clock buzzed and I said forget it - and went back to sleep. If it were as simple as that I'd pat myself on the back but I didn't go to sleep until I had weighed the pros and cons, so it wasn't as if I was completely dismissive and spontaneous. I received a letter from RID inquiring into my CEU plan, a gentle reminder that in order to keep my certification I need to hustle - or suffer the consequences of my name being included in the list of Slackers Who Lost Their Certification that will go out in the January issue. There was a decent nota bene that if I need assistance in developing a plan to meet the CEU requirement, I can call on the national office and they will assist me any way they can. Ugh. To be so behind the majority of my peers to be offered help is embarrassing. I'm thankful the letter is computer-generated and that the head office doesn't know it's me.

Spending today perched on my bed, laptop and materials spread around me in a modern twist to enforced bedrest during the Victorian era. My walls aren't wallpapered in yellow, though, and I'm of the wrong gender. Can I apply Gilman to myself?

Speaking of English major-ish allusions and references to nothing, I've decided to return to the classics for my reading. First up is Anna Karenina, and I am shamed to note Oprah chose it as a must-read a while back, which surely explains why I found huge piles of this edition marked down. As long as I read it in private nobody will think I take reading cues from Oprah. I can do many things but that's one shame I can't handle. I keep forgetting I'm no longer positioned in the ivory tower and have fallen to the ground.


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