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8:15 a.m. - September 05, 2004
A quiet Sunday morning, not cool enough to be dewey but promises are made
Watched the sun come up this morning from beyond the hills, an additional frisson of pleasure from noting today's sunrise was several minutes later than yesterday's. Autumn is coming, autumn is coming! And with it come the rains to turn my hills green, dark mornings, the smell of leaves, the shivering that comes from never wearing a jacket. A quick autumn, please, and an extended winter so I can hole up and look out at the streetlamps from inside.

This winter I pledge - not promise - to use the fireplace at least once. I would like that.

Wrote more of the student workbook until late last night. I feel the quality is lacking, hasn't hit the mark yet. Will I be proud to show people these books? I'm not so sure. I'd like to say yes.


finish workbook
clean second bathroom
laundry (whites, colors)
call Joel?
don't forget to confirm October training schedule
listen to music


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