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11:05 p.m. - September 15, 2004
The weather is still warm, but the mornings are cool
Jeff's phone rings unanswered in wet New Orleans. I wonder if he had to evacuate and if so, what that must feel like. Heard on the radio that the FEMA chief for New Orleans ordered 10,000 body bags to be at the ready for drowning victims. In a few days we'll see if he was overly fatalistic.

Today I ate lunch under a tree, sitting on damp lawn Indian-style and watched two women practice assembling a tent. Pet a dog that licked my face, chatted amicably with the woman from the agency that I wish were single, were she not so happy as a newlywed. Making friends is inordinately difficult that the ease with which I feel comfortable joking with her and showing her my silly side, not to mention wanting to know her as a person spins my head. The Race of Those Who Know Joseph, an immediate connection, a recognition of an invisible sign in the eyes. I think she was going to ask if I am gay but didn't; the (male) secretary at the agency has mentioned to her several times now that's he's interested in me. I laughed and felt okay with ambigious sexuality. It must have been the sun.


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