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6:53 a.m. - November 16, 2004
Don't take my teeth
Odd dream about ants uprooting my teeth and marching away with them while I watched helplessly from my bed. No need for acid, Jason's crazy already! Do people still do acid? Was it "drop acid" or "do acid"? I'm unsure.

Will finish Count of Monte Cristo today after 1,000+ pages, and on to The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar. Or Gilgamesh. But not Beowulf yet, that I wish to savor when I can read it by firelight. I'd like to read it with someone, someone who'd not laugh if I wanted to read aloud the Old English just to feel the workings of my tongue and throat to hear the urgency, the desperation, the harsh crags of language arranged in poetry. I don't know anybody yet who'd read by firelight. Yet! There is hope like a draft from outside, a tendril snaking across the floor. It catches me and I smile, then scoff and say I have no time for that.


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