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6:42 a.m. - November 18, 2004
Master schedule now in order, through April.

1) Las Vegas - road trip! leaving tomorrow. Shannon's wedding. Returning Sunday, Nov. 21.

2) Tuesday Nov. 23 leaving for Seattle. Thanksgiving with grandma! Returning Sunday, Nov. 28.

3) Wednesday Dec. 1 leaving for Ohio. Three day training. Returning Sunday, Dec. 5.

4) Thursday, Dec. 9 leaving for Virginia. Two day training. Returning Sunday, Dec. 12.

5) Thursday, Dec. 16 leaving for Baltimore. Meeting with Barbara-the-Editor. Returning Sunday, Dec. 19.

6) Friday, Jan. 7 leaving for Seattle. Bathsheba's wedding! Returning Sunday, Jan. 9.

7) Thursday, Jan. 20 leaving for Los Angeles. Two day training. Returning Saturday, Jan. 22.

8) Thursday, Feb. 11 leaving for Florida. Two day training. Returning Sunday, Feb. 13.

9) Wednesday, March 2 leaving for Virginia. Three day training. Returning Sunday, March 6.

10) Friday, April 8 leaving for New York City. Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference. Returning Monday, April 11.


I realize I have very little time to do Christmas. Or 2004 taxes.


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