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1:31 p.m. - November 28, 2004
Holiday? What holiday?
I hope that a year from now I will have forgotten my pledge never to spend a holiday with my family again. I love my grandma and would do anything for her, but the family must go. I must go, like I did before.

While looking over photographs on her kitchen bulletin board I asked about PJ, the relative who shares a bed with his roommate and fools nobody. Grandma said his family never mentions him and what a shame that they are ashamed of him, as if being that way was so terrible since he was born that way and can't help it, and family is supposed to accept each member, warts and Japanese boyfriends and all. She has it together better than I go and I'm the cocksucker.

Aside from that, it was difficult and unpleasant, pro forma.


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