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10:44 a.m. - December 21, 2004
Bells ring
I'm doing the Christmas Eve concert again this year, and I feel confident. I don't, I won't, care that I'm pudgy and unfashionably dressed. Signing Christmas carols in front of all those people will make me feel I'm part of this holiday too, and that's all I want.


Asked someone I don't know well at all - only minimally at this point - to attend Bathsheba's wedding with me in January. Rather than feeling bad about it I'll recast the invitation as an exercise in doing what I want, being spontaneous, handling things differently than I normally would. It felt good to reach beyond my pale.

A stretch, but I'm also thinking of driving down to Portland to meet Steve in person, then hitting the shelves at Powell's, maybe even visiting Michelle and her husband on the farm they bought in the fall. I wonder if Michelle & Co. would be glad to see me if just for a short while. I know that's something friends would do, but we were only colleagues before she moved. She was a favorite colleague though.

I like the idea of having people to visit, even if I'm pushing social limits.


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