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9:37 a.m. - December 24, 2004
Nothing in particular
Third night in a row I've dreamed of Joel. The most recent installment was my coming home to find he had gone to Costco, leaving his packages in my kitchen and listening to his iPod in my bedroom. I asked him what are you doing here? and he said he wanted to cuddle - and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz scene when it snows and she feels sleepy and drowsy, I felt sleepy and drowsy - and so we did. My sister entered the house - are there no locked doors in dreams? - and asked who was I cuddling with and I replied truthfully and we laughed like drunken sailors at a strip club featuring obese dancers like the purple elephants from the Disney cartoon. It began snowing outside and somehow my room was either a treehouse or at the top of a three-or-four-story freestanding structure without exterior walls that firefighters use for training purposes, and Joel climbed to the top like a monkey to retrieve my belongings but I worried he would fall so I climbed up and looked at all the snow falling down and said it was good to be gay over and over. And then I woke up.

I love dreams that make me think.


I went to Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart to look for Super Scrabble but no - each was sold out. Amazon is sold out. I'm disappointed. I even went to Walmart! Yes, I may be a Republican but I value the purpose of unions and rich or poor, Walmart seeks to have everyone nursing their corporate teat and that just doesn't appeal.


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