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10:57 p.m. - December 24, 2004
Christmas Eve 2004, a night of one wonder and one jealous streak
Now, I know that one of the Rules of Being A Nice Person (subtitle: How To Make and Keep Friends) is to not covet or envy, but damn - my brother's girlfriend is hot and I am jealous. Unsurprising set of factors: jock + pretty girlfriend = front cover of American Family. Must he always get the pretty girls? She seems very friendly and is, based on my hour and a half spent with her, a sweet woman. When Jeff told me her occupation - she is a skin-care something or rather at the spa in San Diego - I knew immediately she'd be blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful. In fact, I knew this before learning her occupation since he always has such a one on his arm. In sum, a cute couple that stirred the envy juices.

I miss having a beautiful woman and calling her mine, of people saying what a cute couple! I did have a hot guy once but that was different and a long time ago. Envy is destructive.

But speaking of hot: Tonight at the concert a man that made me nervous in that marvelous way asked me for my phone number. Shock - I gave it to him. Something about a man with tattoos and earrings and takes up space in that sublimely arrogant male way is enough to send shivers, and when he talks to me I'll do whatever's asked. Including my phone number - and do you realize how slow I am to share those digits with people I know well? Simply shows you what a fool I am for a tool. I know he won't call (reverse psychology, to blunt the hope) but it felt great all the same.

Concert went well. Came home. Talked to Joel for a while. Brother and girlfriend visited. As quickly as Christmas arrived it will pass and all will be well.


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