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12:24 p.m. - January 03, 2005
Case of the Appearing Roadster is now resolved
As it turned out, the roadster belongs to Ryan's aunt, and was parked on my driveway because Ryan had the idea of bringing me hot rolls from the bakery around the corner and rather than drive, walked there since I wasn't opening my door or answering the phone. [Editor's note: I was in the shower.]

All morning in court I've been thinking roadster roadster, yes your honor, I struck him with a roadster - er, interpreter error: I struck him with the plastic jug. Completely discombobulated by a beeyooootiful vehicle on my driveway without explanation - isn't possession 9/10ths of the law? - but mostly worried about the whos, whats, whys. At the 10 o'clock break I checked my messages and sure enough there were messages from Ryan letting me know he was around the corner eating breakfast since he didn't want to sit in the cold and by the way, he ate the roll he bought for me.

So that's closes the case of the Appearing Roadster but not without a lesson: I am thrown off too easily and must take things in stride, with general aplomb and non-chalance. That, and rather than peer curiously at an engineering marvel, run my hands over sleek metal the way I want, instead of worrying I'm on Candid Camera.

Ryan is going to let me drive it after I'm done in court. I am excited - I've never driven anything remotely like it. I want to lick both the car and Ryan right now.

Must report back to the courtroom at 12:50. I'd sigh, but the rate increase is in effect and I can't complain. Yes, I can: The courthouse is 2.1 miles away so invoicing for mileage isn't worth the time it takes.


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