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9:20 a.m. - February 17, 2005
The daffodils opened overnight and this morning my backyard is covered in yellow. If I estimate correctly I've planted more than a thousand bulbs over the years, perhaps not spacing the plantings distant enough to ensure a steady stream of blossoms over the season, but I've always enjoyed the sudden rush and profusion. The daffs remind me of promise and change, an overwhelming flash of life! and color! but quickly the blooms brown and fall without leaving a trace of what was. Ha. I'm thinking right now I'm like a daff, one of those pale white ones that look washed out and uninspiring, like the one I can see poking its head over bright yellow neighbors: Doesn't belong and hurry up, be done.

Ah. No negativity this morning. My daffs bloomed, there are birds in the backyard, and I opened the Williams-Sonoma citrus squeezer I bought two years ago to make fresh orange / grapefruit juice. A good day, a bright morning.


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