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6:27 a.m. - March 05, 2005
It felt good to cuddle with someone.

I'm a cheap whore - literally. You don't even have to buy me dinner before unzipping your fly.

Good / whore, non-chalant and disappointed in myself: Stacked against a hot man I push my worries aside.


Training moving along though there are too many people enrolled. Must think of some type of cap. One person's question becomes another's comment and then a third rephrasing of the first two. I crack the whip and refocus but the Napoleon in me wants to jump up and down and cuss, shriek shut the fuck up and let's keep moving. Yesterday a man asked, rather indignantly, why I had bothered to include ASL under the writing strand we were discussing. I remarked that indeed ASL is a written language - rather blithely because it's a non-issue: ASL has a written component, big whoop. This man was incredulous and insisted I was incorrect. Um, hello. Just because you are unaware of this feature does not negate its existence and use. I was returning the discussion to the original purpose as he kept sputtering, and then one of the Deaf attendees turned around and said she would write him a letter in ASL and the man shut up. Ah, I tried not to laugh and those in the front row caught me.


Back to the Man from Boston: He didn't forget and that made me feel good. He flirted and that felt good, too. When I shook my head after his you have a beautiful smile he laughed and asked why else he had come to Richmond?

Wouldn't let him fuck me though, and worry I disappointed him. But everything else was goooood.


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