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10:35 a.m. - May 06, 2005
Quickly, at the stroke of the enter key, I've committed myself to Washington, D.C. for the summer. Yet again the department lobbied for an exception for me to teach and being wanted in any small fashion is enough for me to sign on the digital line. A substantial increase in pay, the promise of housing convenient to the university, minimum of one teaching assistant, four-day teachweeks: Of course I said yes, I love teaching, love walking past the university gates in that brief cool period between daylight and humidity, relish the hustle of the Metro, the crash of thunderstorms in the evenings.

Make plans for the long weekends, bring the atlas and pick places to see, short roadtrips with loud music and the windows down. I want to return to the Outer Banks, maybe rent a cottage for the eight day period between the end of term and the seminar scheduled for August 25-26 in Fairfax County. Too quickly do I think of Spec and that summer - maybe I shouldn't be so quick to close off that period of my life. Maybe I was lucky to be in love like that, to have a man I couldn't stand not loving uproot himself and follow me across the country for a summer, who indulged my roadtrips, beachwalks, museum fetish. It was romantic, brief yet saturated. For someone like me it was once in a lifetime and I should be, I must be, okay with that.

Maybe I'll go north, to Maine.

Most likely I'll schedule trainings and my vacation will become work. I am nothing if not consistent.


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