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7:17 a.m. - July 22, 2005
Check, check, check
It is hot and humid outside, but I have a vehicle and apartment with effective air conditioning. I feel lonely but the loneliness is abated by the adventure of scouting out a new area. Found the grocery store, the downtown, the OfficeMax-Target-Kohl's-Hecht's-Barnes and Nobles shopping center so following all principles of physics, my universe is expanding as it contracts.

Subscription to the Washington Post: Check
University parking permit: Check
University office: Check
Teaching assistant: Check (she is... sweet, annoying, mine for 20 hours per week)
Kashi, Maine blueberries, vanilla Silk: Check
Student rosters: Check

My time in DC is set to go.

Last thought: Disappointed by Harry Potter #6. Initial cause of sourpuss face, within the first twenty pages, was seeing the typo "site" for "sight" as in "he was a bad site to behold." Further sourance just because.


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