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11:10 p.m. - August 05, 2005
Maruchan tempers
I would have enjoyed cuddling with someone tonight.


Major falling out with Alex that's put me in a bit of a funk. Last time we spoke he mentioned a trip he and some buddies made to Thailand in early January, and it turned out that two of the four had sex with boys while there. I got upset over Alex's refusal to condemn what his friends did, taking the it's-legal-there-and-nobody-cares-nobody's-hurt-and-the-boys'-lives-are-probably-better-than-they-would-be-without-prostitution relativity that makes my blood boil. I asked Alex whether he too had had some Thai ass and he wouldn't answer.

Made me angry and sick. I don't think I can - or want to - ignore his sanctioning of pedophilia. It's too close to home.

It's not as if I have plenty of friends and one less is a minor loss; it is a big disappointment.

So two big losses - Joel, and then Alex.




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