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8:05 a.m. - August 30, 2005
Chitty chitty bang bang. I feel like saying this and will again: Chitty chitty bang bang
Aside from teaching, which is work I never consider work but play on which to thrive, I am looking forward to returning to work tomorrow morning. It has been too long.

The mystery fruit tree has identified itself after sprouting no more than the smallest of green would-be-fruit-nubs these past three years. I have a bona fide peach tree growing delicious fruits, good sized, sweet, and juicy. I've decided to read this peach tree of mine as tea leaves or scarred bones tossed on the ground to divine the future. I forsee a good autumn, more getting out of the house, more enjoying time with friends, more delight in the small things that make me happy.

I feel like celebrating Christmas this year. How long has it been?

Today: Haircut. Exchange lamp purchased yesterday whose glass shade cracked overnight. Clean last bathroom. Relax in the back yard with The Historian, the intriguing Dracula novel. Simple. Mostly unplanned. Luxurious!


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