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6:13 p.m. - September 20, 2005
Gil L., b(?) - 2005, taken far too soon
Gil died in his sleep. Played a round of golf, chit-chatted with out of town visitors, went to bed. My stomach flip-flopped when I heard the news.

I have known Gil my entire life; he and his wife babysat me. I was their youngest son's teacher for a year. My heart goes out to the whole family and selfishly I note my own grief: Gil would always tousle my hair and chide me for using so much gel. My own father has never tousled my hair.

In my late 20s now and I always looked forward to seeing Gil just to feel that human contact.

I've been asked to interpret the funeral. What if I break my code and start crying in front of people? I worry I will.


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