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9:18 a.m. - September 25, 2005
A new beginning & A hither-to unshared sexual interest
Last night was wonderful, from the spinach salad and wine to the ring of the alarm clock this morning. I wish he didn't have to leave early - as I write, his aroma lingers in my bed and I miss being wrapped around his body.

It is not crass to reflect on a moving intimate experience. How to dissect each act when my mind reels at the overall experience? Being intimate with A3 was the first time I felt like an equal while engaging in gay sex. It was not about who was more man, top or bottom, bigger or smaller, dominant or passive, giving or receiving. It was about mutual exploration, the unwrapping of Christmas gifts, a compliation of interests, likes, and dislikes. A mutual buffet of sorts, eh?

Regarding the things we found out about each other, we are a fine match.

A magical moment was the realization A3 desired to please me. Regarding the other magical moments, I'm putting those in my paper journal. There were many and I'm shy to record them here.


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