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7:20 a.m. - October 17, 2005
Sweet homecoming
Home now, leaving for work in an hour or so, a brief rush of normalcy before leaving again Thursday, this time for New York.

Normalcy? A3 picked me up at the airport and we headed to my place which - unknown to me - was abuzz with activity, my sister having (finally) come through on her make-peace obligation to organize her furniture in my garage that rendered other use impossible. In a nutshell, A3 met my father, his Lady Friend, sister's boyfriend, sister's best friend, and her boyfriend. I was the most awkward of them all - I caught the Lady Friend's eyebrows asking my dad Is that him? and my dad's responding not-quite-smirk-smile. When we pulled up in the driveway A3 asked if I wanted to leave and I said this is my house and damn it, I'm not going to feel uncomfortable and leave - if they feel uncomfortable, they can leave - so I made introductions then took A3 inside my house while they looked.

The bravado fluttered as soon as I closed the door though, but we talked over a light lunch of red wine, bread, and an olive spread and had a great time. I now suspect I missed that gay gourmand-gene but since A3 has it I'll just have to keep him around.

Spent hours in my bed and it was so sweet - what it the once-English-teacher-asks - to wrap myself around him and kiss and touch. Later we went out for dinner and then back again for some more it; around 10 I fell asleep and when I woke up this morning I found a note from A3. He couldn't sleep over (early meeting) so he watched TV while I slept but before leaving he did the dishes.

I think - how about I just not think and simply enjoy?


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