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9:48 a.m. - October 24, 2005
Articulatory mess
Slate sky and dried leaves flying about: The end of sleeping with the door open and welcome to winter's anteroom.

Supposedly I'm unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms; in reality I'm watching television (Golden Girls, anybody?) and feeling restless. Check: I'm not restless, I'm tired - but after my definition of sleeping in (up at 8 rather than 5:30) I shouldn't grouse but get off my ass. Dreading the day ahead - I have to prepare for Virginia and have only a few days' time before leaving Thursday. Please God, let time crawl so I can feel rested because right now the best public face I can create is a snarl. Not good when training teachers and one must be preternaturally enthused about the subject matter. Snarl.

New York is done, next up is Virginia, then Las Vegas, then Baltimore, then Dallas, with Thanksgiving weekend off but with family. I'm looking forward to Las Vegas - have never been, and I'll be there on my birthday. There's talk of a possible Cirque du Soleil outing that could be fun, but otherwise the garishness and Vegas-bacchanal has little appeal.

Lots of thoughts surrounding A3, most great, some worrisome but articulation escapes me.

Shit, articulation and I parted ways a long time ago.


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