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4:54 a.m. - October 27, 2005
Going away AGAIN
Heading to Virginia later on today and I'm still not done preparing my materials. I was wiped last night and defied sanity, climbing into bed at 8:15 with the vow to rise an hour later. Woke up warm and rested at 3:00 so today must hustle - work, finish preparations, pack, get to the airport.

When Fairfax, Loudon, Stafford and Norfolk counties contracted with me to train their teachers, I jumped for joy at the guaranteed income. Now, much later and with much more experience, I'm kicking myself. Every single foreign language teacher in those counties has climbed on my back for a total of 12 days' worth of training and I swear they have yet to disembark.

One consolation: After tomorrow and Saturday, I'll be completely done with one county.

It's a mighty small consolation. It's . big.

Enjoy your freedoms, however big and small.


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