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8:22 p.m. - February 13, 2006
Looking at the good
It was pointed out to me recently that this journal is primarily focused on the bad rather than seeing the good that is also present in my life. Fair enough, so I thought I'd do a run-down of some positive events going on:

(1) The entire curriculum is now released. Both Barnes & Noble and Borders will carry the books. Borders has expressed interest in a book signing / meet and greet tour on what they call the northeastern circuit, though I'm not too crazy about the idea. It does feel good to be asked, I must admit.

(2) The city is moving forward with purchasing land for the stadium, land that includes my rental units. The initial offer amounts to a 38% return over the purchase costs.

(3) The consulting work is doing very well; I enjoy what I do and am, I think, effective. I enjoy hearing from teachers who let me know their students are doing better as a result of my training, and there is nothing more validating than having those same teachers literally follow me around the country and attend different trainings. At the last training in Virginia, I had people from Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and California in attendance.

(4) Barbara-the-Editor is in negotiations with a PBS station interested in creating 8 half-hour programs based on the curriculum. If the FIPSE grant is approved as well, then there will be 16 episodes.

(5) I bought four pairs of shoes tonight simply because I wanted them. I don't feel guilty or wasteful at all.

(6) This coming Sunday I'm meeting a friend in Orlando and we're going to one of the parks. I'm glad I told her I was coming to Florida, more glad she decided to drive up to see me, happy for the chance to take a day and have fun.

(7) This morning a colleague-friend mentioned how much more approachable I've become and she gave me a spontaneous hug. I hugged back rather than pulling away.

(8) I'm having dinner tomorrow with CM and husband and we're going to celebrate. I'm going to drink more than two beers and not feel guilty.

(9) The hills are turning emerald and Wednesday I'm going hiking. It feels wonderful to give myself time off when I want it.

These are all great things. I notice, however, that they are primarily work-related. Hmm. Not so good. But there you go - no doom and gloom tonight, folks.


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