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8:51 p.m. - August 08, 2006
Macs for me, Macs for everyone!
A celebratory inaugural entry heralding my return to Apple products. A loaded MacBook Pro, a huge Apple Cinema screen, and all the white cables one could hope for sits on my desk, under which my feet enjoy the new-found room. I will not miss the old CPU tower!

A simple pleasure.

It is also a bribe of sorts, a two-books-done-third-in-process incentive to keep writing, an (eagerly) accepted incentive after I made sure that the cost would not be taken out of my royalties. People, if you ever sign a contract for anything long term, read the fine print! So I bargained - you purchase the equipment and software, and I'll sign a new contract for another round of books. Yes, that's right, I am contractually obligated to keep myself on this Earth for a while yet.

And on those days when contracts aren't enough, I check the stats on Amazon or google the books just for that added boost.

Whatever works, eh?


Underneath the smile:

I need to find something that pleases me just for me rather than keeping the engines churning on other people's expectations. My books will not sell as well as they have been forever, and the days of being immobile and sleeping away a month or two or three will return. This last fallow period was not good.

People. I want people in my life. Forget about romance and relationships, but I'll rejoice in friendships. Must work on my people skills.


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