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8:35 p.m. - September 05, 2006
The Chair II
I bought a new chair today.

Yes, I've been using the same one my fat ass broke back in, oh, February of 2005, since I figured a way to perch on it and continue writing. Hell, I am just too cheap sometimes.

So I'm sitting on a new chair but am still leaning towards the right with my hands oriented towards the left on the keyboard hoping I don't fall backwards.

An unbroken chair can be a luxury. Who knew?

Unfortunately my ass has only increased in size since the accident.

Note to self: Do not bounce on this chair. In fact, do not bounce on any chair.

I am bored tonight.

It is a beer-at-a-bar night but that would require me to leave my house.

I'm having water instead.

Good night.


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