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6:43 a.m. - October 21, 2006
Beware what you wish for:

I do not want to write today, even though the deadline is just over a week away. Barbara-the-Editor will not be pleased so part of me hopes I will be caught in a horrid accident so I can proffer a legitimate excuse. Laziness has set in and is hard to evict.

Sister was in an accident, crushed between an auto mover to the rear and a truck in the front. She is alright but badly shaken up and bruised and her arms (both!) are going to be in casts or braces or some combination for a while. Car is totaled. She will be okay.

She's being held overnight for observation (possible internal bleeding) and then will come here with me until we figure out what to do. I already told her I will not wipe her ass and it was reassuring to hear her laugh raucously in the emergency room.

I am tired. Off to bed.


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