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4:59 a.m. - October 29, 2006
Hartford to Chicago to San Francisco
Arrived at the airport an hour earlier than I needed to this morning. It is fall back not turn-the-clock-an-hour-ahead. What was I thinking?

So I had some lousy hot chocolate and now my stomach is flip-flopping. To compensate I upgraded but of course I didn't bring along the power adapter on this trip.

I love this MacBook Pro of mine, I do. The day something happens - a dent, a smudge, a dead pixel - I will be distraught. But all the love I have for this stunning machine is tempered by its ridiculously weak battery. Lots of people complain about it on the Apple boards, and I understand that the dual core Intel chips, the tons of ram, and all that technobabble means the notebook sucks up a lot of power, but I still wonder why they couldn't design a longer-lasting battery. This gem is not travel-friendly.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from bringing it wherever I go.

Loved my time here in Connecticut, probably because it is so much like Seattle: People are friendly, the trees and leaves are glorious, and houses are made of brick. I miss the brown and yellow people of California, though. Everybody's white or black here, with nothing in-between.

Whoa. If it wasn't so rude I would take a picture of the dwarf pilot who just sat down across from me. I wonder if he's the captain of my flight. Are there pedals pilots have to push while flying, like a car? Is that a bad thing to wonder about? Two flight attendants just sat next to him, so it's not as if he's some dwarf who enjoys wearing a uniform. And are little people even called dwarfs nowadays? Little people, dwarfs, midgets - I don't know much about this kind of thing.

And lastly, is it wrong to want to hump the leg of the man sitting kitty-corner from me? I do not see how a crotch can have a bulge that big and have human parts inside it. That reminds me - I found on Xtube a guy with at least 12 inches flopping around. Tell me - assuming one can fit say, 5 to 6 inches inside one's mouth (and that's a generous assumption) - and has hands to manipulate the remaining shaft, is there a point where having that much cock becomes a bit much? What is the cut-off between much in a good way, and too much in a bad way? It's like wanting to go on a walk that turns into a strenuous hike to nowhere. And those little hairs that get stuck on your tongue. Yuck.

WTF am I talking about?

Free internet access breeds insanity.


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