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5:17 p.m. - November 08, 2006
Closet doors

It's been about two weeks since I put up the closet doors in the smallest room. An experiment of sorts, a test of will and determination. So far I'm winning and it makes me feel great. I do admit a sense of unease when I think about it, and I check every so often to make sure the closet is empty. But that unease is being overcome by pride almost, a good feeling that I'm regaining control.

I'm a long way from closet doors in my bedroom though.


Flying to New York City tonight, and I have all day tomorrow to sightsee. I have a meeting with the department head at Columbia but other than that no plans. MOMA for sure. Just for me. Friday and Saturday giving a training, and Sunday morning I'm going to hang out with Tricia. Haven't seen her in a while.


I'm glad the Dems won. Let's hope things get better.


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