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3:10 p.m. - December 06, 2006
A lesson on sodomy, of sorts
- Someone I do not know but who obtained my email address from soneone at church wants to know how to sign sodomy. Here's an ASL lesson for you:

1) Form the letters S and I, one handshape per hand:

2) For male-female sodomy, insert the protruding element of the I handshape into the receptive hole seen in the S handshape. Complicated, eh? Here's a visual:

3) And for male-male sodomy, use two I handshapes. Get it?

4) Whether it's gentle sodomy, a rough, fast, inexperienced jackhammer fuck, or something inbetween, add the desired motion when the two handshapes make contact.

5) And lastly, you need a facial expression: Is it pleasurable? Disgusting? Rough? Invasive? Does it get you off?

6) A word of advice: Just don't lick your lips while signing.

Returning to regular programming in progress:

- Leaving for Washington, DC in a few hours.

- Grandma has not followed through on her pledge to mail my camera I forgot at her house over Thanksgiving.

- Thursday I must face Barbara-the-Editor and pretend I didn't receive her last email instructing - not asking, but instructing - me to bring in the draft that is now severely overdue.

- Friday and Saturday I train a group of 85 teachers from Maryland on the national standards, focusing on communication and culture. Yawn. Sometime during the summer when I was killing time at O'Hare waiting for my flight, I counted up more than 60 trainings I've done on the double-C topic. Communication and culture, culture and communication - the primary building blocks of foreign language instruction, but don't neglect the three step-C's: Comparisons, Connections, and Communities. The standards succeed when an able teacher applies them, but I can't train burned-out teachers how to be able.

- I mailed Christmas packages today.

- Atlanta man, I've been thinking of you and our unfinished dialogue. Maybe I do have a secret after all: I throw myself into a project to get my mind off my downness. Fortunately for me it's the Christmas season (you've noticed this, I'm sure, since pre-Halloween) and I've adopted an Angel Tree. Yesterday I bought legos, dolls, night vision goggles, blocks, and games, with a few more things to go. I volunteered to wrap packages for the Salvation Army. I've asked to be used in whatever way needed at the big shelter so I have something to do Christmas Day. Between all this I'm working on my project-for-times-like-these, the one I pull out when I can't do anything else. It's been so long now that I'm close to completion. Barbara-the-Editor will not be pleased when she gets this manuscript before the one that was due in October, but I've always been stubborn. Sometimes being busy helps.

- Last night I talked to Christine in Aurora, aka Odora, for two and a half hours, spending much of that time laughing. It was good. She asked what kind of guy I'm looking for and I mentioned someone not like me. She responded by saying were she not a lesbian she'd be attracted to me. Is that properly called biting, a hollow victory, or Murphy's goddamn Law?

- The Little Drummer Boy is playing. It's my favorite carol next to O Holy Night.

- Email from an unknown reader: The tone and quality of your diary has diminished over time. Apologies, miss, but I don't write here to entertain, illuminate, or expound. I am not a blogger, personal journaler, or diarist and make no effort to keep readers coming back. Yes, I wish things were otherwise.

- TW, your package arrived. I know you tried to send it anonymously, but under the Gift from Anonymous label, down in the Payment By section, was your name. I like how you know me well enough to know what I like, even if you broke Jason's Rule #4: Never, ever, buy gifts for me. It's nice to defy rules occasionally. Thank you.

- Can someone please find the definition for "compulsive masturbator"? What is the difference in relieving a strong sex drive and developing a compulsion? I need to know so I can worry about something new.

- I upgraded to first class. I'm not in the mood to be flexible in my preference for personal space.

- Must pack.

- Have a good day.


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