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8:40 p.m. - December 11, 2006
New York New York New York
I am kicking off 2007 with an intense burst of spontaneity, and am ending 2006 with excitement and a very good foreboding. Brilliant idea, Jason, to go along with that insistent push from inside, never mind the uncertainties accompanying this latest project. Adventure, that's what it is! Called up my kindasortafriend, said wanna go to New York City for New Year's Eve? and he said yes, and the adventure's begun. Just like that. I have a hotel a block away from Times Square, a flight, and a desire to drink far too much and laugh a lot. Not escapism or denial, simply a spur of the moment vacation. I've earned it.

I roll my eyes when I think how proud of myself I am for doing this, but there is pleasure underneath the sarcasm and castigation. So much money! Uncomfortable middle seat on the flight! What if I have a miserable time! What if I regret all of this! Tiny sliver of common sense, maybe not quite hope, a susurrant tease - Who cares? I'm going.

I'm going!


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