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10:48 p.m. - July 12, 2008
not a nod to ee cummings, simply a disabled caps lock key
finished packing for Minneapolis hours ago. lights off. a breeze rustles the bougainvillea and flows past the door, raising the hair on my legs. music from the can't live without these playlist. thinking about last night's non-date date, two bars, too many coronas, great music, outstanding conversation, the wrong gender - she's a woman - or i'm the wrong orientation. thinking: why do, and i don't flatter myself here intentionally, so many women find me attractive but not men? what do women see that men do not? i think perhaps i interact differently with men and women, maybe i am more open with women and less reserved, less cold.

enough of that.

tonight is about good music and a butter soft overstuffed leather chair and ottoman, luxuries to soothe and pamper until i no longer sit alone.


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