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7:41 p.m. - January 18, 2009
Just home from the We Are One inaugural concert, where AL and I are commiserating sore feet while waiting for the Chinese food delivery. I hobbled on my bum foot (did I mention that? a week and half before Christmas turned myself into a gimp and it's slowly-but-surely getting better) and got there four hours early so nabbed a great spot to stand... and stand... and stand.... Four hours is a long time to stand still and be on constant guard from the threat of the foot being stepped on. Impromptu singing, marveling at the crowd, tossing around inflated Barack Obama condoms, and talking and laughing with neighbors made for a great time.

I'm enjoying this new home of mine. I've found a local pub I like, I'm putting myself out there to meet people, and I'm trying different things. Such a good, welcome change.

Tuesday AL and I are going to Inauguration.


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