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9:59 p.m. - August 16, 2009
I made a deal with myself when I accepted the offer to relocate to Maryland; I would look for a place different from the California suburb, no more lawns to mow, no more driving to the grocery store, no more quiet. Now I live in a busy area, a grocery store is across the street, and people are walking and talking all hours of the day on the street outside my apartment. In the end, though, I don't feel less isolated than I did in that huge empty house in the huge suburb.

The only thing I miss is sliding open the doors at night and listening to the chimes and bay breeze rustling the leaves. When I open the windows here, I hear traffic and people and, sooner or later, people laughing and talking. Someday it will be me laughing and talking and enjoying the company of others, and them enjoying mine.

Until then, perhaps I'll hang wind chimes inside the apartment. The air conditioning will make them move.


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