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5:32 a.m. - July 01, 2003
Addled, I am
It is 5:32 and 66 degrees outside which under any circumstances is enough to induce one to remain indoors. But no. On my summer vacation I travel to Hell where it's not the heat, not the heat, it's the humidity, so they say, but regardless, it is hot and it is not for me. A positive note: Thus far the heat is averaging 10, 15 degrees cooler than last year so thank God for the greenhouse effect alterng the jet stream for me, but would you mind pooling your collective Hail Marys so that I can get a few Arctic breezes? And I'm talking outside, not the ones caused by the air conditioning.

Interesting discussion last night with the flatmate about gay marriage. Have I found someone more conservative than myself? Do you really think gay marriage would (eventually) bring about behavioral changes? Seems to me like an awful lot of noise for nothing though there are those in long-term relationships who want the right for sanctioned marriage, but how many of those are in so-called "open" understandings? We're living in watershed times, that's for sure. I wonder if anybody's done a study comparing the collective rates of gay marriage in the Netherlands (gay marriage is sanctioned) to its population. Hmmm. Now there's an idea for the T.A.s, but how would I explain that?


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