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10:00 a.m. - January 20, 2004
On limos and sisters and The Great Idiot, her boyfriend
My sister calls to say sheís in a limo en route to the airport for a quick trip to Hawaii with The Great Idiot, her boyfriend.

Can we say proposal, anyone? If not, I will be surprised given The Great Idiotís request: That I teach him enough ASL so that he can ask my father for permission. He signed up to take an ASL class but dropped it after two days Ė why, you ask? Because he didnít understand why the (Deaf) teacher didnít talk and sign at the same time. Yes, heís not too bright at all, but thatís long been documented on my end. Heís been dating my sister for more than 6 years and he still doesnít know how to sign hello, and he wants to learn enough to ask permission? I can only do so much.

Despite my misgivings about the quality of his DNA, I said yes and will help him out.

It is not above me to sabotage or be obstructive Ė No! The eyebrows go up when the hand goes down! Wrong! Thatís a dirty sign! No! See, thereís this aspect of ASL called non-manual signals and one without the other negates meaning so do it again! What, you canít wiggle your ears and nose simultaneously? Then damn, Great Idiot, youíre never going to do this . . .

Of course, one doesnít need to wiggle ears in ASL, but he doesnít know this.


I told Ryan II he can sleep over tonight Ė okay, fine: I asked if he would and he said yes. I figure a straightforward tactic Ė exposure Ė is better than avoidance, but Iím already worrying.

I like him a lot; he is growing on me. This could be good or bad.


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